So, this new digital periodical called Keeler1930™ has landed on your virtual 'front steps.'

To answer the obvious question: Keeler1930™, intends to be "the authoritative tribute to and voice of golf's legendary players today"

Simply put, it is a collection of first-voice content – audio, video, photos, writing and discussion – earmarked to satisfy the interests and curiosity of an audience that shares our passion for this honorable game of golf and its place in our history and society.

Our clubhouse will include space for players first. But we will create appropriately named rooms for administrators, architects, caddies, writers and broadcasters and, other influencers of the game.

Our material, which will refresh on a regular basis, is structured to follow our mission statement, which reads:

To honor the career accomplishments of golf’s greatest champions who embody the spirit of the game’s greatest advocate and amateur competitor, Bob Jones as well as the renowned journalistic work of O.B. Keeler, Keeler1930™ will re-kindle the legendary moments of the careers of golf’s greats. Those champion players will be known as Keelers.

This refreshment of the immutable memories created by these golfers adds a contemporary mark to their legacies in their genuine and current voice.

Enjoy the ride with us!